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Annual Strong Y Campaign


It is the philosophy of the YMCA that those who can afford to support the cost of a program which they are in should pay a fee, and those who cannot should be provided with assistance. This allows the YMCA to offer a much wider range of programs than it could if it relied solely on contributions. Annual support contributions make it possible for people to participate regardless of their ability to pay.


The full amount of your contribution will go directly to benefit those who need it the most because the YMCA’s administrative costs are covered by program and membership fees. The YMCA is a great investment for contributors when you consider how efficiently their dollars are put to work. Making your donation 100% tax deductible, your contribution may be designated to support a specific program and its participants.




By sponsoring a team or program you are helping 100’s of children participate no matter their financial situation. With sponsorship we will list your name/company in our annual support news; banners will be posted at the site or in the facility affiliated with the program during the season. Some options available for sponsorship are: Swim Team, Youth Summer Camps, Youth Basketball and Youth Soccer.


Expansion Project


Since 1967 the Y has increased the number of quality programs available. Our current facility on Lake Otis was built and put into service in 1978. Since that time the facility has been a valuable tool in providing and expanding programs to the community of Anchorage. However, limited existing program and activity space hinders our ability to meet the growing needs of our community. In addition, the age of the facility provides challenges with expensive ongoing maintenance and increased operating costs. With the addition of a new state-of-the-art locker room and the renovation of the old locker room, we will address the issue of more space and lower maintenance and operating cost at the same time! The completion of this project will also open the door for future additions to include an additional gymnasium with an elevated walking/jogging track, family swimming pool and an expanded health & wellness center.  READ MORE


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