Fitness Consultation

Get started the right way!  FREE to all members.

Step 1:


Fitness Consultation


Learn how to reach your goals in the most effective and safe way. This 1 hr meeting is free to all members.


Why should I sign up for a Fitness Consultation?


Everyone is different. What works for one person could be harmful for another.

  1. Receive guidance specific to your:
    • Goals
    • Exercise experience
    • Nutritional habits
    • Personal predispositions
  2. Learn about the most common mistakes that most exercisers make and the ways to avoid them.
  3. Learn about programs offered at our Y that could help you in reaching your goals.


Step 2:


A Fitness Consultation will provide you with a menu of choices:


Machine Orientation
Receive instruction on safety and the proper use of the cardiovascular and resistance-training equipment offered at our Y. This 30 min meeting is free to all members.


Group Exercise
Our Y offers a large variety of formats ranging from cardio, dance, cycling, sculpt, and toning, to yoga, Zumba®, water aerobics, and more! Refer to our Group Exercise Schedule for more details. The majority of classes are free to all members.


Personal Training
Our team of Certified Personal Trainers is very goal oriented. Trainers will not just give you an exercise program. It is our trainers’ priority to:

  • hold you accountable for your goals
  • lead you toward measurable results


Fitness Mistakes vs. Reality


Mistake: “I don’t want any muscles, I just want to lose weight”
Reality: Muscles burn fat and tone down the body. Weight training is the key com-ponent of any weight loss program.


Mistake: “I’m doing the same routines every week”
Reality: If you repeat the same routines every week, your body will adapt to them and you may stop seeing results.


Mistake: “I never use free weights because I don’t want to be big and bulky”
Reality: Whether you are a man or a woman, free weights guarantee the best results.


Mistake: “I do abdominal exercises to lose fat from my midsection”
Reality: Body fat is lost all over the body; not just from one spot. Doing only sit-ups will strengthen abdominal muscles, but it will not reduce the size of the waist.


Learn about more common mistakes during your FREE Fitness Consultation.




How much is Personal Training?
We offer many different personal training packages. Each package is customized to individual goals and the prices vary depending on the duration, frequency, structure, and components of the training. Fitness Consultants will advise on the type of package that is most affordable and the most beneficial to a member.


What is the difference between work-ing with a trainer and getting a workout from a computer?
The main difference is the accountability. It is the difference between being held accountable for your goals by an experienced professional and being held accountable by a machine.


Which machine is the best for losing weight?
There is no one machine, one exercise, or one routine that is the best for weight loss. Successful weight manage-ment is a combination of two factors:

  • A well designed and regularly upgraded fitness regimen
  • A healthy, non-overwhelming nutritional plan


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