Martial Arts

Our martial arts programs give students a chance to learn some of the basic elements of Tang Soo Do or Jujutsu. These disciplines will help individuals not only become more engaged in physical activity, but also helps teach them self-defense skills. Martial arts will also help individuals who participate become more focused and provide a terrific outlet for kids.


These classes are not meant to promote fighting. Our focus is on instilling values such as discipline, becoming more self-aware and developing an ability to put mind over matter.


Each class will be taught by a highly-trained, professionally certified martial arts instructor. We want to make your development and safety a top priority. You will learn the abilities of restraint, focus and control.



Seibukan Jujutsu is an effective and practical martial art developed for self protection as well as personal development.  It’s Japanese roots and Shiatsu healing art, make it unique among other systems.  Seibukan Jujutsu is a traditional martial art for the modern day warrior – it offers ancient Japanese martial art techniques that can be effectively applied to our daily living to protect ourselves in the societies of the 21st century.  LEARN MORE


Tang Soo Do


Korean Tang Soo Do (pronounced “tung sue doe”) is a primary system of empty handed self defense dating back 2,000 years. This style or system was originally used as a way for the common people to protect themselves from the sword of the Samurai. Tang Soo Do is a systematic approach to learning blocks, kicking, and striking while gaining flexibility, discipline, morals and ethics.  LEARN MORE

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Mat-Su Location

The Mat-Su YMCA is already working with other groups in the community to determine the needs of our local youth. LEARN MORE