Tang Soo Do

Korean Tang Soo Do (pronounced “tung sue doe”) is a primary system of empty handed self defense dating back 2,000 years. This style or system was originally used as a way for the common people to protect themselves from the sword of the Samurai. Tang Soo Do is a systematic approach to learning blocks, kicking, and striking while gaining flexibility, discipline, morals and ethics. WELCOME!!!


Age Groups: 8 to adult
Registration: Monthly
Location: Anchorage Community YMCA
Class Dates & Times:
Children: M 6:30-8pm, T-TH 6:00-7:30 pm
Adult: M 6:30-8pm, T-TH 6:00-7:30 pm
Advanced Class: Sat. TBD, contact Ms. Tomey
Introductory Classes: Schedule with James Knudson


Common Questions


Who can learn Tang Soo Do?
Almost anyone. Age and gender are no consequence. Children begin as young as 8 yrs. Adults can begin at any age.


Will I get hurt?
Unlikely. All Classes, including free sparring are NO contact, or light contact with control and focus.
Injuries are extremely rare.


How often should I attend class?
You are welcome to attend as many classes as you are able. For best results however we suggest that you attend 2 classes per week.


Why So formal?
At N.A.T.A. schools courtesy is the rule, through showing respect to others, we learn respect for ourselves.


How quickly will I progress?
With good attendance you will move through your first belts in the 1st year of studies. To become a black belt requires 36-48 months of training.


What if I make a mistake?
We find that “Mistakes” are a very important part of learning. Never be afraid of making a mistake. They are your best teaching tool!


Getting Started


All students wishing to participate in Tang Soo Do are required to take 3-6 introductory lessons before entering the regular schedule class times. Tang Soo Do is a systematic learning experience. Introductory lessons will provide an introduction to techniques and etiquette used in class. In addition, it will ensure the student’s safety while learning new techniques. Private lessons are scheduled through Ms. Tomey. Please contact Ms. Tomey at 907-230-9886 or email

Members: $30 ( Paid to YMCA) plus $125 uniform/patch fee ( paid to Stacey Tomey)

Nonmembers: $60 (paid to YMCA) plus $125 uniform/patch fee (Paid to Stacey Tomey)

All class fees are paid to the YMCA
** Uniform fees are paid to Stacey Tomey

Midtown Location (Main)

Anchorage Community YMCA
5353 Lake Otis Pkwy
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone (907) 563-3211


Southside Location

Southside YMCA At Dimond
800 E Dimond Blvd #3
Anchorage, AK 99515
Phone (907) 344-7788


Mat-Su Location

The Mat-Su YMCA is already working with other groups in the community to determine the needs of our local youth. LEARN MORE