The YMCA Re-Opens…YAY!


The Y is excited to be opening on Tuesday May 12th at both locations.  Along with the excitement comes the responsibility of keeping our staff, members and community as safe as possible.  To that end we have made some changes that will be in place until our Y can safely and comfortably move into the next phase of easing up.  Below are some specific guidelines that will have an impact on your workout routines.  Some may cause more disruption than others but we will alter these when the time is right for safety reasons and following issued guidelines.


Operating under Summer Hours

Monday-Thursday            5:30 AM to 10 PM

Friday                                  5:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday                             7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday                                9:00 AM to 3:00 PM



Steam room, sauna and hot tubs will be closed until further notice.

Child Watch services will be suspended until further notice.

The Lounge (and coffee area) will be closed.  This is due to mandated guidelines but also because the lounge is being used as a classroom for essential services child care program.

Members Only.  No day passes or guest passes will be sold.

Limited locker room and shower room usage.  Members are encouraged to come to the Y in their workout clothes and leave in their workout clothes.

Towel service is suspended until further notice.

Upstairs wellness center will be limited to 20 members with social distancing guidelines of 10 feet.

Pool will be limited to 20 participants and separated by lanes.  Lap swim, water walking, water exercise will take place individually in a lane.  There will be no open swim times until further notice.  The exception will be the small pool at the Southside YMCA can be reserved for family usage.

Workouts in Wellness Center and Pool will be limited to 1 hour or less.

All members will be required to sign a waiver per our insurance company in regards to the risk surrounding the potential of COVID-19.

Masks are recommended for members and staff but WILL NOT be required.

The basketball court at Lake Otis will be closed for essential child care services until further notice.  We may be able to open up reservation times on weekends.  Courts at Southside will be open for individual/family use.

All group exercise classes will continue ‘Virtually’ until further notice.  Each instructor may have opportunities for classes as we explore outside classes and other options.  We know many are eager to return but there has also been an incredible response to continue these classes online for a while longer and give more time for the situation to ease.

The Y will operate under drop in usage and we will maintain our group numbers by restricting access to areas once those numbers are reached.  However, if this becomes a problem, we may move toward a reservation system to prevent having to deny access to a member showing up to work out.  A reservation will then guarantee a time for your workout.



The Y and Staff will be conducting required cleaning on a strict time frame to accommodate recommendations and guidelines.  We realize that this may be inconvenient but we all know it is just something we will be doing for the foreseeable future.  We appreciate the patience our membership has already shown and look forward to easing back to serving our members in full capacity.



We have heard from many of our members who are excited and concerned about the Y reopening.  For those members who are in high risk groups you are obviously taking this reopening very cautiously.   We advise the same thing, if you are in a high risk group you may want to give more time before visiting the Y.  We are looking at options to make the facility available to high risk groups but have not came up with a strategy that can guarantee the level of safety that is required.  Being flexible and patient during this Phase of opening is going to be critical as we learn this together.  As things improve, more and more things will open up at the Y.  We are excited and at the same time being careful and cautious.  We are hopeful this next Phase of easing in our community will go great and get us to the next Phase.  Be Happy and Be Safe!!


Larry L Parker

CEO, YMCA of Alaska


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