Response Letter

From the CEO


The YMCA Board of Directors met on January 25th to discuss and review our emergency closing that occurred from December 11th to January 1st.  This closing had a significant impact on you our members and many of our part time staff.  After gathering information from YMCA’s in the lower 48 that have experienced unexpected facility closures and reviewing our own situation and needs, the Board has decided on the following.



In the event of a facility closure (due to, weather, mechanical failure, necessary maintenance, etc.) the priority is to secure the safety of membership and staff.  Every effort will then be directed toward opening a safe YMCA as quickly as possible.  During facility closures refunds or pro-rating of membership dues already collected will not be considered.  In the event the closure will be for an extended period of time; the collection of future membership dues will be suspended until the YMCA can reopen for service.

To refund membership dues on a pro-rated basis during the shutdown would cripple our ability to perform recover work, to maintain monthly expenses that do not stop due to a shut down and to be fully prepared to reopen.  Through this experience, we have learned that membership dues cover the cost of operating a YMCA when times are good but also to help the YMCA endure and prepare to return to service when times are bad.



The YMCA employs over 130 people with over 90% being part time.  Over 50 of those part time staff work to serve our members (front desk, locker room monitors, child watch, lifeguards, wellness instructors, custodial).  Your quality of service depends on their performance.  Being out of work is tough let alone during the Holiday season.  So, in that spirt, the YMCA will compensate part time employees in member service who missed work during the closure as close to their original amount as possible.

We have already received donations toward that cost.  If you would like to donate toward those part time staff, please do so at the membership desk or by calling Taryn during normal business hours.

Our facility shutdown was a trying time for our members and staff team.  The task of communicating what happened, the timeline for reopening and completing the repairs was challenging.  We all experienced a bit of frustration and disappointment during this unfortunate shutdown.  However, the support and understanding from you, our members, was awesome and inspiring.  Your moral and financial support during this rough time helped us get the doors back open and in the business of being a YMCA.  We are all in this together and that is truly what being part of the Y community is all about.