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Doctors orders

Individuals are much more likely to participate in a program when they are directly referred to the YMCA, allowing YMCA  staff to engage directly with the referred individual and connect them to the most appropriate program option.

If you would like to refer your patient for participation in any of our evidence-based health intervention programs or more general health behavior change support, please feel free to send the referral to us via the secure email: Erin Widener

Our Y Community Coordinator is happy to visit your clinic and provide presentations and/or written materials to increase provider and patient awareness of YMCA program goals, how to refer, and what to expect. We also offer leave-behind resources for both care teams and patients, including brochure, posters, and referral cards. These materials can be co-branded if desired. Please contact Erin Widener for more information.

Thank you for entrusting the YMCA with supporting individuals in your care! It is a responsibility we do not take lightly and a true privilege.