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When people like you donate to the Y, you make it possible for everyone - individuals, families, businesses and organizations - to access programs and services that change their lives for the better. As our annual community fundraising campaign continues, we invite you to dream big with us and create better futures for all.

Imagine a future where every member of our community thrives.  A future where young people build healthy habits, where adults have access to the resources needed to care for their mind, body and spirit, and where seniors have plentiful social connections and wellness offerings to fully enjoy their golden years.   

You can make wellbeing possible.  

Together, we can ensure everyone, at every age, receives the supports needed to live productive, healthy and empowered lives.    

Through your support, the YMCA provides youth, adults and seniors with: 

  • Resources that alleviate food insecurity and promote healthy nutrition 
  • Services that build resilience, maintain social connection, and care for overall mental wellbeing 
  • Programs and services that support physical wellness and combat chronic disease 

Each of us – families, professionals, companies, schools – has a role to play in creating a better future for our neighbors.  

Make this future a reality. Invest in wellbeing for all by donating to the Y.

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Helping Hands Club

Ready to join the Helping Hands Club?


Strengthening the foundation of our community by encouraging members to join the Helping Hands Club and support the Y's vision to build strong kids, families and seniors who require the resources the Y provides.

YMCA members gift $8 additional per month

HHC members receive a custom hat and appreciation BBQ.

Raffle entries to win

- Monthly Prize drawings, gift certificates, free month membership, 1 month reserved parking

Ask the membership desk how to sign-up today or  Click here to join