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What is CARES?

Fitness that C·A·R·E·S is the fitness component of our C·A·R·E·S program. These small group classes will be held in a small studio, separate from everyone else in the facility. These classes will be open only to participants of the C·A·R·E·S program and will be limited to 4 participants per class. Each class will be a low impact workout with the option of sitting or standing. The classes will run 45-60 minutes and are scheduled in  8 week sessions. All participants and instructors will be required to wear a mask (not shield) during class and the class design will take that into consideration by reducing the difficulty of the class and provide short breaks as needed. 

The YMCA is taking every precaution to ensure your safety while participating in an activity at our facility. The C·A·R·E·S studio and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each use. We will also meet you at the side entry 5 minutes prior to class so you will not need to check in through the member service desk.

When you have completed your fitness that C·A·R·E·S  program, we will celebrate your accomplishment and explore where you want to go from there. Your wellness coach will be there for you every step of the way and will help you create a continued plan for a healthy future.

What will you receive?

  • 6-month YMCA membership
  • Fitness assessment with your wellness coach
  • ActivTrax access with a personal fitness program
  • Two personal training sessions
  • Weekly Walk and Tone classes
  • A healthier lifestyle and a plan in place to keep your own health and wellness a priority in your life

Participation in C·A·R·E·S gives you access to the services provided by the No One Fights Alone:

  • Grocery pickup
  • Prescription pickup
  • Lawn work
  • Package delivery/pickup
  • Any other task you may need help with

For more information please contact:
Email - Vickie Leavens - [email protected] 
Call - 907-646-8105