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Do you have everything it takes to get in shape but lack Motivation?

Are you someone that needs strong personal motivation, such as a training partner counting on you to get to the gym each day? Would you get more from your workouts if someone took you through every exercise every time you came to work out? Are you the type of person that just doesn’t want to think when you’re at the gym and would do better in your workouts if someone motivated and guided you through every step from the time you got to the gym until you went home? If the answer is YES then you may be perfect for the YMCAs’ one-on-one coaching or personal training program!


Achieve your fitness goals through training sessions and coaching from a certified personal trainer.


Personal training involves one or more regular training sessions designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Your certified personal trainer will work with you and your schedule to develop a personalized fitness program. Personal training is offered in one-on-one, partner, or small group training sessions.


You can schedule your personal training by using the tool at the bottom of this page or request more information about available personal training  by contacting Vickie Leavens at

Physical Activity and Public Health


Updated recommendation for adults from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association.

Aerobic Activity:  30 minutes – 5 days/week

Moderate Intensity Exercise (Walking):  20 minutes – 3 days/week

Vigorous intensity exercise (jogging)/Strength Activity: 8 – 10 exercises 2 days/week


Free For New Members


Fitness consultation & equipment orientation are both free to all new members.


Purchase By The Session


Member rate: $45 per hr

Non-member rate: $60 per hr


Youth Fitness Orientation


Goals: To learn how to properly use the fitness equipment and the rules of the fitness center. After completion Youth in 9th to 11th grade student will be allowed to utilize the fitness center.

Rate: $20 per class


8 One Hour Sessions


Goals: To improve posture adapt to exercise strengthen postural muscles, Improve stability/increase mobility.

Member rate: $360

Non-member rate: $480


12 One Hour Sessions


Goals: Learn fundamental movements (squat/lunge/push/pull/rotation). Create stable mobility improve stability/increase mobility. Learn proper sequencing of movement.

Member rate: $540

Non-member rate: $720


16 One Hour Sessions


Goals: Traditional strength training, muscular endurance strength, max strength muscular force production.

Member rate: $720

Non-member rate: $960


3-6 Per Group Training


Goals: Learn fundamental movements (squat/lunge/push/pull/rotation). Create stable mobility improve stability/increase mobility. Learn proper sequencing of movement.

Member rate: $15 per person

Non-member rate: $25 per person

Meet Our Trainers


Ace certified personal trainer

My passion is helping clients find more peace, comfort and freedom within their own body. I create a unique and holistic coaching experiences that empowers my clients to make physical and lifestyle changes to enhance their personal, professional and emotional lives. My passion is working with older adults, special populations, injury/fall prevention, cardio endurance programs and weight management.


Ace Certified Personal Trainer

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your efforts of becoming strong and flexible. Whether your goal is to create stability in your joints, improve posture, weight loss or work on sports conditioning I’m here to help you succeed. We will take each day one day at a time to achieve your overall fitness goal. By applying physical demands on our bodies, our bodies have the capability to adapt to those demands in the future. Your mind and body are connected, they follow each other, by having a positive mind along with time you will eventually reach your overall goal. I am a trained personal trainer with a specialty in orthopedics. I look forward to be apart of your fitness journey.


YMCA Certified Personal Trainer

I’ve had a long hard road to get to where I am today due to a severe accident with a semi, which makes me the compassionate and motivating trainer I’ve become. I want the very best for each client and student I work with. Keeping you safe and getting you to where you’d like to be is my absolute passion. I’ve been teaching a wide variety of fitness classes for almost 9 years. I work with all fitness levels, ranging from the fit, looking to get to the next level, and individuals with injuries needing to ease back into a fitness routine using modifications.


YMCA Certified Personal Trainer

I have just recently settled back in Alaska after living the last five years in various states partaking in my collegiate basketball career. My background in sports has opened my eyes to many things, one in particular is that fitness should have a role in everyone’s life. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in basketball during my playing career, and in doing so I have gathered a great deal of knowledge in different forms of weight and cardiovascular training. I have coached youth sports teams as well as hosting athletic camps.


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer/ Youth Trainer

Hi y'all my name is Molly. I'm a certified personal trainer and lover of all things fitness! My first real passion was distance running, I made my way into the weight room years later where I felt the magic really begin. I have dabbled in everything from body weight training to power lifting and everything in between. The gym has become my favorite playground and I would love to pass that on to you.


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