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Lap Swim Rules

  1. Swimmers must be actively swimming or water-walking across the entire length of the pool with reasonable rest stops.
  2. Swimmers under the age of 12 must have a supervising adult of 14 years or older in the pool area at all times.
  3. Lifejackets, pool noodles, and water weights are not permitted in the lap lanes.
  4. Independent swim lessons instructors and swim coaches may not provide services at any of the YMCA facilities.
  5. Hanging on the lane lines is not permitted and damage to a lane line may result in a $65 charge to your account.
  6. If all lap lanes are occupied, lap swimmers are required to share lane space respectfully. See lane etiquette.
  7. Lifeguards reserve the right to close lap lanes or move lap swimmers to different areas of the pool for any reason: misuse, swim lessons/team, event rentals, speed/organization, etc.

YMCA Lane Sharing Etiquette

  1. Before entering the water, make your presence known to all other lap swimmers in the lane to avoid confusion
  2. Attempt to join a lane with swimmers who match your speed or skill level
  3. When resting on the wall, move to the outward corners of the lane
  4. Pass only at the walls to avoid collision. Slower swimmers should yield to faster swimmers to ensure safe workouts
  5. For 2 swimmers per lane, split the lane down the middle. For 3+ swimmers per lane, circle swim.

Circle Swim