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Soccer Roster

2022 Soccer Season is here

Monday/Wednesday Team Roster

Tuesday/Thursday Team Roster

Practice Schedule (First 2 weeks only) 

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Life skill development, like confidence, perseverance and teamwork, are key components in youth sports programs at the Y—they help build strong kids and effective changemakers! Youth Soccer is designed to build these life skills, while teaching the basic skills of soccer to children who have never played the game, and improve the skills of those who have. Athletes will learn the fundamentals of soccer, with a focus placed on ball control, rules and regulations of the game, team work, sportsmanship and fair play.

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Our sports programs keep kids active, teach friendly competition and introduce healthy practices for life. Explore our activities and learn why physical activity is so important for a child’s growth and well-being. 

Youth Basketball Information

Adult basketball

The YMCA offers tons of ways to stay active beyond typical workout routines. Pick up your favorite sport again or try a new one, and build connections along the way. 

Adult Basketball League Information