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A program that gives participants fundamental skills in passing, dribbling, and shooting. The size of the field are adjusted to each age group and to help create a fast-paced, exciting sport with lots of running, scoring and fun for both players and parents. The family friendly practice/game schedule has ½ hour of practice prior to each 40 minute game.


Registration begins March, Season runs May – June.  Online registration

When Registering on line- you are not registered unless you have made a payment. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance you cannot register online. Please email [email protected].org

Coach’s trying to register please click here.

Need more information? Please call member service at 907-406-7957 or sports department.

Please click link at top of page to be redirected to registration.

Age Divisions:

3 – 4 Years Old (Co-Ed)
5 – 6 Years Old (Co-Ed)
7 – 8 Years Old (Co-Ed)
9 – 11 Years Old (Co-Ed)
12 – 14 Years Old (Co-Ed)

Two Play Options: Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday  & Thursday

Location: YMCA Sports Park

Contact: Jim Young at [email protected]


Soccer Season 

Monday/Wednesday Team Roster

Tuesday/Thursday Team Roster

Practice Schedule (First 2 weeks only) 

To access the game visit

Soccer Parent FAQ

What equipment do I need?

Where do I find the season schedule?

Do we play in the rain?

All your parent questions answered here